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Pollensa Bay

This is primarily a case of letting the images portray the story, however a foreword:


When I came back to cycling in the 1990s, many of the "racing types" (roadies and testers) were going to early-season training camps to shake off the UK winter blues, get rid off 'guards and get those limbs tanned. I hadn't been doing that myself however, on joining the club, I lowered my scepticism, joined their training week of choice, to sunny Mallorca. And wow! Instant convert! I got it - clear and quiet roads, sunshine, hills, greenery, blossom, good food, night life and all at a reasonable price level. There was nothing to not like.

Over the years, we had been holding an Easter period training camp, pre Time-Trialling season. Then, in 2011, to celebrate someone's significant birthday (at least, that was the excuse made) it was decided to try an end-of-season "chill-out" week in mid-October - a last chance on lightweight bikes in the summer kit, before winter arrives. That trip was deemed a great success and, since then, we have tried to keep to the late season trip as well as the spring training trip.

If you have never had the inclination to cycle in Mallorca, hopefully this can change your mind...

Santa Ponsa


Located on the west side of the island, this resort is the preferred Spring Training Camp area, in the hills around Calvia and Andratx, with access to the gorgeous North-West Coast Road, Valldemossa, the Coll de Soller as well as into Santa Maria Del Cami in the heart of the island, from where all the usual destinations - The Orient, Randa, Petra, even Pollensa - can be tackled.


The North-West Coast Road


Puerto de Pollensa


This is our other base camp, more recently favoured for our "end of season" holiday weeks - there are plenty flat route options here!


From Pollensa, routes head out in all directions...


Days fly by in Mallorca...

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