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Time Trials

Here is a selection of images from our collection of race event photographs. Click on an image to open the relevant set in full...


The plan here is to sort the various TT pics into separate sub-galleries, on separate pages, with a link to those pages from each of the pics in this Main TTs Gallery. SO FAR, I'VE LINKED 4 SUB-GALLERIES. The rest are being added in date order.

So, this becomes a grid of the best photos from all our other TT gallery sets.

Then, we do likewise with Fancy Dress 10, Club Runs, Holiday Trips, etc.   [GMcC, 01-04-2020 ]

Of course, there is more to a Time Trial than just the riders racing around. The sport is totally dependent on the volunteers who turn out to organise and run these events - the marshals, time-keepers, kitchen catering crew, the results relay team. So, even our non-racing club members can get involved.

Steve Longdon marshalling
Maureen & Chris, sorting numbers and pins
Jean & Cathie repelling boarders from the kitchen
On keyboards, Ian & Ian

Some less serious time-trialling

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