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New handicap racing league table

A new competition for the Time Triallers in the club a rolling handicap competition is adding a new slant on racing this year.


based on previous times and times throught the current season a handicap score is calculated using the new BG Algorithm to give a members regardless of how fast you ride.


here's the latest table (as of 8th May)



What to Expect on a club run

Many riders are put off joining a cycling club by tales or hard as nails clubmen, novices being spat out of the back of training rides or unfriendly and intimidating attitudes. This couldn’t be further from the truth and joining a club is one of the best ways to improve your cycling skills, fitness and find like minded friends.


Why should I come on a club run?

It’s the best way to progress your cycling. You’ll learn how to ride safely and efficiently in a group and it’s far easier to head out for a winter ride knowing you’ll be with a group of mates rather than on your own.


Does the club offer different levels of rides?

Most clubs will have a number of groups heading out reflecting a range of abilities. On a Sunday we’ll typically have an A, B and C group. The C group is fastest but often ride the same route as the B, just a little further and faster. Due to numbers sometimes groups B and C may merge, if there are faster riders riding with the B group they may push harder on the climbs but will wait at the tops or at the next turning.


How fit and fast do I need to be?

You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness but you definitely don’t need to be a super fit racer. If you can ride your bike for 15-20 miles, you’ll be able to ride 30 and join a club run. On our A rides the average speed is around 11-13 mph, there’s always a café stop.


Will I be dropped if I’m too slow?

No. The pace of the group is dictated by the slowest rider. The group may split up on climbs but faster riders will wait and you’ll regroup at the top or at the next turning.

When you first head out with a club, ride with their slowest group. If you find it too easy, you can move up over the following weeks until you find your right level. It’s better to underestimate your ability than to really struggle and be put off.


Would I be welcome if I’m not experienced riding in a group?

Yes, everyone has to learn somewhere and a club run is the ideal place. Check out the Group Riding guide for some helpful tips beforehand.


Do I need to do anything special with my bike setup?

The most important thing is that your bike is well maintained and roadworthy. Mudguards are advised for winter rides. Although not compulsory, most riders will have them as they make riding in a group on winter roads much more enjoyable.


What else should I bring?

We recommend that people bring a couple of spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump and a multi-tool. You’ll need some money for the café and enough food and drink to fuel your ride. Make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone with an I.C.E number stored on it. Finally, dress appropriately for the weather and remember that over the course of a ride it may change.

Recent club run routes.

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