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Welcome to Stretford Wheelers

Are you:


  • new to the area and looking to join a local cycling club?

  • new to cycling and seeking to improve, maybe even race, or simply wish to find out where the best cafes are and the routes to get to them?

  • usually cycling on your own and now seek some wheels to share on these windy days?

  • simply wanting to meet/make new friends with a common interest in cycling around the South Manchester and Cheshire area?


Riding on your own, you may have found that it's easy to end up in a rut by sticking with what you know - the same old well-worn routes, no-one to help if you run into mechanical troubles, no-one to lighten the mood if you're having a hard day, cutting short awkward cafe stops...


There is an alternative: the club ride.

We are:

Stretford Wheelers, a long established cycling club based in SW Manchester and its surrounding areas.


We were formed in 1920 so this year represents 100 years of our members escaping from the conurbations of Manchester to enjoy the leafy lanes of Cheshire and the hills beyond.


We cater for a range of cycling abilities, focussing predominantly on road rides.

Our Sunday Club Runs explore the quiet back lanes with 3 ride groups catering for those seeking a relaxed, short, local ride to those seeking faster and further rides: we do have a number of serious competition cyclists who desire to keep fit and race.

One of the club's traditions is to support competitive cycling and for 2022, we will be promoting two open Time Trial events. And we hold our own internal club competition events - a time-trials championship, a hill-climb and a down-hill freewheeling event.

From time to time we have trips abroad for cycling holidays or to ride some famous places from the Grand Tours. Recent trips include Majorca, the Alps, the Pyrenees and the cobbled classics and bergs of Flanders.


So, there are a number of seasoned experienced cyclists in the club who have been cycling for many, many years. However, the key factor for all our members is that it is all about the fun and enjoyment to get out there, enjoy the cycling, the socialising and the health benefits of the exercise - a healthy mind in a healthy body.


As a club with a long-standing tradition, we welcome all. So whether it's just a short, social, bike ride or full-on racing that you are looking for, come along for a chat, join us for a ride and see what you think.


For more information, or If you wish to join us, send an email via our Contact Us page

Where we meet

We meet socially on a Friday night, currently monthly, 9.00pm at Flixton Conservative Club, where you are welcome to come along for a chat: when you come in the main door just mention Stretford Wheelers and someone will tell you where we are.

Sunday club runs depart from the Green Dragon PH in Heatley, near Lymm. Occasionally, some faster, longer or hilly rides will depart from the Greyhound PH, Ashley or from Flixton Golf Club.

What happens on a Sunday club run?

We have a published list of rides for throughout the year, although we apply discretion and regard to weather conditions and may make last minute changes... Our Twitter Feed (right) or Facebook page advises of such changes.

Meeting at the Green Dragon at 10.30am, we usually split up into couple of groups with a faster group and more relaxed groups. If you’re not sure which group to join someone will advise but don’t worry, we never leave anyone behind.


Often, these groups usually set off for the same destination but by different routes and varied distances. Normally there will be a cafe or pub stop for lunch and then return home: some of the members may choose to call at the Vine Inn, Dunham Massey to reflect on the day.

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